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Report dashboard

Unlock Insights into Your Business with Detailed Reports. Stay on top of your sales performance with comprehensive reports on all calls, leads, and revenue generated.

Call Dashboard Report
Gain valuable insights into your call center’s performance. Monitor all calls, including those made through the RouteCallCenter.com and track the leads generated and closed by each CSR or sales person.

Tech Production Report

The report will display the average of all of the technician’s appointments and reported durations for the specified time period, as well as the differences.

Quickly assess the profitability of each customer, and track the materials used by your technicians.

Make data-driven decisions that drive growth and improve efficiency with the advanced reporting capabilities of Routedashboard.com.

Days to Service Report

Provides a clear picture of the time taken to serve a customer, starting from the moment the job is scheduled. Compare different branches and filter by services.

Days to Service Report

Tech On-Time Report

Monitoring technician punctuality and addressing tardiness issues. Optimize scheduling and performance to enhance customer satisfaction and maintain a high standard of service delivery.

Tech On Time delivery

Job Revenue vs Duration Report

The report will display all the services and how much they produce on a per hour basis. Sort by the lowest average per hour to see the worse performing services.

Materials Usage Report

The Material Usage Report is a vital tool for pest control professionals, offering detailed insights into material usage patterns to enhance productivity and inventory management.

Material Usage Report

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